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Todd belongs to the Kalarie Peoples of the Wiradjuri Nation and is currently completing a Doctor of Philosophy in Medical Anthropology through the School of Population and Global Health at The University of Melbourne (2015-2017). Todd's research focuses how gender and sexuality intersect Aboriginal health systems. Additionally, Todd tutors into the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Medicine subjects. Todd belongs to the Kalarie Peoples of the Wiradjuri Nation. Todd is the President of the Indigenous Graduate Students Association for the University of Melbourne. Todd has ten years experience in the discipline of health, working in a range of health sectors, such as sexual health, Aboriginal health, health education and promotion, youth health, in addition to writing and delivering training and support programs to health services across NSW. This experience has allowed Todd to hold leadership positions working on numerous national health strategies and policies. Todd volunteers on several committees ranging from grassroots to national levels and is a consultant for many organisations in regards to policy, advocacy, and advancing Aboriginal agendas. 

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