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My name is Riley Womal I am a proud Juru man from North Queensland, however I grew up in Brisbane. I moved to Melbourne at the start of 2019 to undertake a Bachelor of Arts, with majors in Politics and Indigenous Studies at the University of Melbourne and I am currently in my second year staying at Ormond College.


I am deeply honoured and grateful to be a recipient of the Kamener Scholarship as well as the pathways that have been created through it. Not only has the scholarship allowed me to live at Ormond College and create new friendships and experiences, but it has also created a multitude opportunities and roles for me to undertake in the College and University community. This year, I have been privileged enough to be the head of the Indigenous Committee at Ormond as well as a student mentor at Murrup Barak, at the University of Melbourne.


Living in a community like Ormond has been a life changing experience for me, whether it be the amazing people I've met or had the privilege to work with, the leadership roles and opportunities presented or the magnitude of support offered. I am deeply grateful to have had my views and opinions on life changed for the better by living in an institution as prestigious as this, as well as had the encouragement to do things I previously never would've dreamt of. 

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