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My name is Jemma Bryce, and I am a proud Palawa woman from Tasmania. I made the move to Melbourne last year to study a Bachelor of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne. I am currently in my second year and plan on continuing on to study Medicine once I have finished my undergrad. I have a passion for health studies and hope to eventually work as a doctor in rural Indigenous communities and developing countries. 

I am deeply grateful and honored to be a recipient of the Kamener Scholarship. This scholarship has not only allowed me to live at Ormond, create new friendships and experiences but has also challenged me to take on new roles within the college community. I have been lucky enough to be a member of the Student Support Subcommittee this year, providing mental health guidance and support wherever possible within the college community. 

Living in a community like Ormond, with so many amazing and ambitious people and the constant support and encouragement from staff has had a massive impact on me. Whilst being at Ormond, I have pushed myself to take on new opportunities which previously I would never have considered pursuing. Last summer I completed my first internship at The Department of Health and Human Services working in Mental Health and Aboriginal Social and Emotional Wellbeing. I have also been lucky enough to secure an internship this summer at The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, where I will work in the Wellbeing and Patient Experience Team. I want to thank the Ormond community and the Kamener Family for their generous support, and for helping me find the confidence and determination to pursue the things I am passionate about. 

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