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My name is Aimee McCartney and I am 18 years old and I am an indigenous woman from the Taungurung and Wemba Wemba tribes.  I am very proud of my culture and heritage and hope to one day positively contribute to my community.  My mother is from the Taungurung tribe (Eildon) and my father is from Wemba Wemba (Swan Hill). Both my parents work within the aboriginal community, the mother works with aboriginal people in the criminal justice system and my father works in Indigenous health.  Having both parents work within the Indigenous community has helped me to select the areas I wish to focus on within the community.


I went to Preston South Primary School and was fortunate enough to receive a full scholarship to Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School, where I completed year 12. In year 12 my studies included English, Further Mathematics, Australian History, Revolutions and Legal Studies.  The past three years I have worked casually at the Koorie Heritage Trust, which allows me to explore my interests in Indigenous History. During this time my passion for Ancient World History and Indigenous History flourished and I decided to apply to the University of Melbourne, as I believed the Bachelor of Arts would benefit my interests.  


As a first year student at the University of Melbourne I have decided to select to complete a double major in Ancient world Studies and Indigenous Studies. Once I complete the undergraduate course I plan to complete a Masters and PHD equivalent in Indigenous Studies.  With this tertiary level study I plan to one day work within my community to improve the social outcomes and promote education to the younger generation.  I would also love to travel the world with my studies and work in museums and institutions to promote and inform other cultures of Australia’s Indigenous history. I am also very fortunate to have received a scholarship to live at Ormond College whilst completing my university degree. It has given me an opportunity to complete my studies in a supportive and stable environment.  The benefits of living at Ormond is meeting new friends from all over the world, and being able to focus on my studies. Living at Ormond College has been an extraordinary experience I have met many people and gained friendships along the way. 


My interests include Cadets at 39 Australian Army Cadet Unit, Simpson Barracks Macleod. Where I my duties include logistics and stores, recruit training and platoon CPL (administration and instruction).  During my four years at 39 Army Cadet Unit, I have attended courses in junior leadership, field engineering and survival and adventure training.  In 2010 I was fortunate to receive the rank of CPL and this year I will be able to attend Senior Leadership training to be able to become a SGT. 

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